5 tips to get him from “I don’t know” to “I DO”!!

30 Mar

Every girl wants a perfect husband, but we all know how men feel about commitment!  It’s not his fault; it’s all that crazy testosterone that makes him want variety and dread a relationship.  Fear not, future brides!  You can get around his commitment-phobic nature with these 5 tips to change that hottie you have your eye on from sex partner to life partner!

  1. Crouching Bootycall, Hidden Wife! Offer him no strings attached sex, then insert yourself into his life over time!  Every time you meet up with your honey for a 1am humpfest, simply leave a hairbrush or a hair tie in his bathroom.  Gradually start spending more nights over and leaving more and more of your things at his house. Then, come over one weekend and never leave.   He’ll have no choice but to make YOU temily-kris-hspl-01he lady of the house!
  2. Knocked Up. Get pregnant!  This one’s a no brainer ladies…stop taking your birth control. Every boy likes it bareback!!  If he balks, then just poke holes in his condoms.  If that proves too difficult, try this instead: one night after you two have done the deed, slip into the bathroom and insert the contents of the discarded condom in your dildo hotel.  When he hears that little commitment-maker call him “Daddy”, he’ll want to call YOU his wife!!
  3. Look Who’s (not) Talking Now!!  Whenever you meet up, let HIM do all the talking!  Believe me, he’ll find this to be a breath of fresh air!  Let him guide the conversations in all of your dates and interactions.  Read up on things he likes, and always COMPLIMENT COMPLIMENT COMPLIMENT.  Convince him he can do no wrong, and before you know it you’ll be HIS Mrs. Right!!
  4. Crash. Make him need you! Invite him out for a Sunday afternoon drive (Or a Friday night 1am drive).  Then, simply crash your car and get ready to let Florence Nightingale be your muse!  Nurse your guy back to health from his car “accident” related injuries, and he’ll see what a great caretaker you are!  That will clear the path for him to make you the caretaker of his heart!  Just wait for him to pop the question…and the best part is, he’ll never question why you crashed in the first place…women drivers, right? 😉
  5. Backdraft (EXPERTS ONLY) Unleash the hero in your man!  Burn your house down (Make sure to get your shoes out first though, those Louboutins won’t replace themselves).  What guy can resist a damsel in distress?  After he consoles you and offers you a place to crash, just relax, make yourself at home, and wait for your white night to give you that ring, girl!


Candy DeMarchett

 “Beauty outside IS beauty inside.”  As former statewide child beauty pageant champion, Candy DeMarschett has been steeped in the world of fashion for basically her entire life. After exhausting the pageant circuit in Tennessee by her late teens, Candy headed west to fulfill her dreams of becoming a writer and a make up artist. After attending Barbazon of Hollywood, Candy then graduated with her Master’s in Literature from CSU Dominguez Hills. In addition to becoming the go to makeup artist for many celebrities of note, including Jenny McCarthy and Janice Dickenson, Candy is the founder and former Chief Editor of Pageant Pretty Magazine, which until recently was the 3rd most popular publication in Georgia. These days, Candy is a devoted stay at home mom with a successful line of child sized press on nails, “KiddieCryllics” which took the nation by storm when they were featured in a segment on the Ricki Lake show. Her greatest hope is that her two children, Sprinkles SaraBella, age 3, and Preston Alistair, age 1, will follow in her glamorous footsteps and one day know the joys of being the prettiest girl in the state.


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