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Quiz: Are You Pretty?

16 Jun

woman wondering is she's pretty1. What is your BMI ?

A)     Underweight (18.5 or below – you go, girl!)

B)     Basic Bitch (18.5 – 24.9)

C)     Unlovable (25+)


2. And your age?

A)     Cute (19 yrs or younger)

B)     Fading (20 -25 yrs)

C)     Waste of space  (26+ yrs)


3. How often do you wear makeup?

A)     Always. I sleep and shower in it.

B)     Most days I wear at least some form of makeup to cover imperfections and shame.

C)     When I feel like it or hardly ever. Either way, I love the skin I’m in!


4. How’s your relationship with your father?

A)     Poor – We don’t have a relationship or we have stopped speaking because I’m not attractive enough.

B)     OK – We don’t have a great relationship, but I’ve worked through a lot of my issues and accept that I have an Electra Complex.

C)     Great! My dad loves me unconditionally.


5. How often do you think about your weight or diet?

A)     I’m sorry, what? I was counting calories…

B)     More often than I care to admit. But I’m trying to develop a healthier body image and eating habits, no matter what hurtful comments my mom makes about my midsection.

C)     I try my best to be healthy and love myself at any size.


6. How many products are used in your skin regimen?

A)     All of them.

B)     Three to six: Wash, tone, moisturize, eye cream… that sort of thing.

C)     Not many. I think a lot of the beauty products marketed towards women are made up of pseudo-science claims that promote insecurity, unrealistic beauty ideals, and an unhealthy fear of aging.


how pretty are you quiz7. How often are you catcalled by men on the street?

A)     Omg, all the time. I think it’s super flattering. They’re just letting you know you’re doing something right!

B)     Omg, all the time. But that’s life!

C)     Omg, all the time. I find it disrespectful and, at times, threatening.


8. Do you think you’re pretty?

A)     No… do yoouuu think I’m pretty???

B)     Strangely, I feel prettiest on months when my Lip Service Magazine subscription gets sent to the wrong address.

C)     Sure! I think everyone’s beautiful and deserves to feel beautiful.


lip service beauty quiz